Monday, June 27, 2005

On Vacation: Day Forty

Maybe that's the way it was supposed to be.

I was disappointed that Larry didn't show up at the party, and concerned when he didn't answer my calls. I still haven't heard from him, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation and I'm not going to hold it against him or punish him in any way. After all, this is a man who was brave enough and bold enough to let me go to New Orleans with him after knowing him for just a few days.

Besides, if Larry had been at the party, I probably wouldn't have heard from Rich.

I actually met Rich at my February party, and I saw him and a couple of his friends when I was out at the lake on Friday and invited them to the party on Saturday. Rich was the only one who showed up. And then he called me yesterday and invited me to go boating with him and his friends. I said yes.

It was the best day ever.

I used to hang out on the lake when I was married, but after my husband and I separated he got the boat ... the house ... and the cat. I always follow that statement by saying that I miss the cat. But without realizing it, I missed the boat too. It was so hot, humid and sticky yesterday, and as Susan, Michelle and I were sitting on the porch, I said that it was a day when you just want to be out on the lake on a boat. And I wished out loud that that was what I could do.

I can't believe that my wishes keep coming true.

Good Thing I Checked

I'm cleaning out my bedroom in anticipation of my impending annual move, and I came across some lottery tickets. I was pretty sure I hadn't hit the jackpot, but thought I'd check the numbers anyway. Good thing I did - I had one ticket on which I'd picked the megaball which means it's worth $2.

Hey, it's better than a kick in the ass. Maybe I'll hang onto it and give it to Dan Tobin as a tip if I ever make it to LA.

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