Thursday, April 29, 2004

Carmen - You're Fired

Yes, the ditz from tech/customer support at Dell did indeed screw up. When the return box hadn't arrived by Wednesday, I called AirBorne Express directly. They had no record of my request, but the customer service rep there said she'd take care of it and I'd have the box by noon today. I was out of the office today so I don't know what time it arrived, but it's here. Thumbs up to AirBorne Express. Carmen - not only were you a ditz on the phone, but you were stupid enough to give me your first and last name. Dell is going to get a letter about your customer service skills.

Now let's just hope that computer repair guy has gotten around to putting the monitor back together and pulling the hard drive - I told them to do it on Monday and called and left a message last night telling them that I expected to pick it up first thing Friday morning before heading out of town again.

Ran into a former co-worker at the gas station - he (and several other former co-workers) is working for a new tech company about five miles down the road. Guess which company I'm going to be researching in an effort to create a new job for myself?

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