Friday, April 09, 2004

Killing Time

Well, I've been here in the office for over an hour and haven't done anything for my employer yet, so I might as well enter a few thoughts. Come to think of it, it they are willing to have me show up and not do anything, then I LOVE MY JOB!

Missed most the "The Apprentice" last night because my friend PK called. He's the one who helped me find my cute little rented house. He's also the one who has helped the Ex find his last three jobs. And he offered to help in my job search too. Heck, he even has a job he could hire me for right now, but he thinks I want to make more than $23K. Uh, yeah. But wouldn't it be awkward working at the same company as the Ex? "Why would it be?" PK asks. There are 400 people working there. No one would even have to know that we were once married. Good point. I won't rule it out. But I doubt it will come to pass.

Took one of those little Tickle tests online. Says I'm analytical and creative. True. But what can I do to get paid for my analytical and creative mind? That is the question.

One last thing - shout out to the writers at "ER" for finally coming up with a complex storyline. I was shocked and stunned when the episode ended last night with Sandy's family claiming custody of Henry, the child borne by Sandy but parented by both Sandy and Carrie Weaver. Very interesting issue.

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