Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Was It Just My Imagination?

Or did I see Phil's car(s) everywhere I turned today? He's away on vacation, so I know it wasn't him, but I saw a van like his and then around the very next corner, a sassy little red convertible. He's on my mind because when we had lunch last Thursday he mentioned that things are very rapidly coming to a head in his relationship. His wife was threatening to not even go on this vacation, and he considered not going either ("you can't imagine the damage she could do while I'm gone") but then decided that he needed the break and maybe a week without her would do him some good. Besides, they were going to be staying with his family down south, and his daughter was looking forward to it.

I didn't tell him that whatever damage he was imagining had probably already been done.

I had copies of all important paperwork long before I moved out. I knew exactly what assets we had and how I wanted to split things up. She's already hired an attorney for chrissake - it's about time he work up and smelled the coffee. His marriage is OVER.

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