Friday, April 09, 2004

RSVP by May 2, 2003

Uh, guess I'm a little late in responding to that invitation. I'm sure I kept it because I wanted to circulate here at work and just never did. Or I circulated it, it came back to me and for whatever reasons I failed to throw it away. Because I'm a packrat. Why am I so attached to paperwork? I also have a 2004 calendar here that I'm not using, but I couldn't throw it away. Wait. That's ridiculous. If I'm not using the damn thing, and I didn't pay for it (which I didn't), then why can't I throw it away? The answer is I can. I just did.

Why is it that I get an energy surge in the afternoon? It's like I'm asleep until 3:00. We got a notice saying we could all go home early for the weekend, and here I am suddenly trying to plow through my piles.

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