Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lord, Help Me Get Through The Day

So I'm here at work, trying mightily to do my job. I just had a conversation with an 86 year old woman who was in a bad auto accident and had a hip fracture. It's a day to day struggle for her, but she did have her annual fund envelope close at hand and she will send in the little bit that she can afford - the "widow's mite" as it's known to those of an older generation. And can you believe it? I had the nerve to ask her if she would be willing to leave us anything as a bequest.

I am slime.

Response from the unemployed boy next door:

They must have had you in mind when they passed those telemarketing laws :) Shameless. Consider yourself lucky if you get out of there with your dignity intact and your karma not too badly messed up. And thank your boss for pushing you out with a parachute -- you don't like where they're going, not quite sure where you're gonna land, but I predict will, in the end, enjoy the experience. Or at least the pain will go away from beating your head against the wall, no?

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