Thursday, April 15, 2004

How Will I Live Without You?

I'm away on a business trip tomorrow and my laptop is still acting up, and then I'm taking Monday off and on a business trip again Tues-Weds. It could be a whole week before I blog again! Don't worry, if I can find a computer with an internet connection, I will blog.

I may take the computer into CompUSA/Best Buy (whatever the hell that big blue box on the corner is) and see if they have the part I need on hand. And bat my eyelashes at them to convince them to replace the part for free on the spot. The unemployed boy next door said they were very helpful to him when he had problems, and my boobs are definitely much bigger than his. Let's just hope the salesperson is a boob wo/man.

And maybe if I'm not connected to the computer I'll get out and do a few volunteer on the local Habitat for Humanity project on Saturday...reseed the lawn and fertilize on Sunday...prepare for my interview with the career counseling firm on Monday...finish reading "The Last Juror"

But first, the season finale of "The Apprentice." I think I want Bill to win, but I suspect that Kwame may get the job. We shall see - stay tuned!

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