Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Apparently I have a "car tan" (more like a mild sunburn) from my three hour drive this morning.

It's going to cost me over $400 to get my laptop monitor repaired.

I'm starving; eating the last packet of Kashi cereal in my desk.

I really should hit the gym tonight.

I predict that John Stevens will finally get the boot on AI tonight.

I have been here in the office for two hours and all I managed to accomplish was checking my email and doing internet searches for the needed part for my laptop (SKU = 46YYG). The best I could come up with was a part on EBay (not crazy about that) and a company in England (wonder what those shipping charges would be like?). It's a goddam conspiracy. Granted it's a part with limited life (no one expects their household light bulbs to last forever) but do you think that I can find that part myself? How is it that Dell gets all the parts they need to build their disposable computers in the first place? Do they pay the parts manufacturers not to advertise or make the parts available to anyone but them? And why won't Dell just sell me the damn part? Can't find it anywhere on their friggin' web site either.

I'm just being super tight with my money knowing that in 14 months I will no longer have a job here. And it's probably going to cost me several thousand dollars if I end up working with this "career counselor." But think of it this way - it's an investment in myself. If I can find a career (notice I said career, not job) that will be even more challenging and satisfying, then it will be worth the time, effort and money.

But I just hate to spend money. Unless it's on a really cool Donna Karen (DKNY) camel colored double breasted jacket for 1/4 of the original price ($100 vs. $400). I couldn't not buy it.

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