Sunday, April 04, 2004

New And Different

It's beginning to be a recurring theme - now that the pain and pressure in my chest has subsided, I'm looking forward to making (yet another) fresh start. The unemployed boy next door hit the nail on the head - this was just a transitional job for me, just like John was a transitional relationship. If I'm honest with myself, I never saw myself working at this organization for the rest of my life. It was a convenient move for me at the time.

And speaking of new and different, there have been several new search items that have led people here:

* minute hoarding clock watcher (that seems to be getting steady activity)
* Krispy Kreme calendar (is there such a thing?)
* sex and the city stop wading in our pool Candace Bergen
* blood pressure meaning (yeah, it's still high)
* Lisa Leuschner naked (not here!)

Alright ladies and germs, time for me to tend to a few housekeeping duties before heading to bed early - tomorrow will be my first full day in the office since my boss gave me my 15 months notice. Much to tend to.

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