Monday, April 26, 2004

Why Not Indeed?

Someone recently found this blog using the search term "my feet are sweating." I wonder if it was the same person who also found it asking the question "why can't I wear open toed shoes on an interview?" Why not, indeed.

Because you just can't, that's why. No one wants to see your toes, no matter how perfectly groomed they are. You can't wear open toed shoes to an interview for the same reason men can't wear sneakers or boat shoes -- it's just not professional attire. Wear a nice pair of low heeled pumps or flats, but do NOT wear spikey, strappy shoes. Or big huge clunker heels. Wait until you get the job and then once you've scoped out the scene, then decide whether or not open toed shoes are acceptable in your place of work. BTW, I have a friend who works for a power company. She often visits job sites and is required to wear steel toed shoes. Imagine trying to find feminine looking steel toed shoes to go with your sundress - ain't gonna happen.

And on another note - a few others have found this blog looking for answers to problems with their laptops. My advice to you - check the service tag number on the bottom of your laptop and call to see if your unit is still under warrenty! (Side Note to Brian: I haven't received the AirBorne Express box yet ... the customer service rep said it should be here today, but she also said she had problems multi-tasking [swear to God, the ditz actually said that] so I'm not surprised that I haven't seen it yet.)

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