Thursday, April 22, 2004

Reality Bites

Just got this message from a high school friend:

"Wow! As I look at the list to send this too – I think of the time that I meet each one of you and how blessed I am with our friendship. I may have talked with you yesterday or 2 years ago, or last saw you 20 years ago [that would be me], but I do know that when we meet again it will be just like picking up from where we left off.

Okay – so, now you want to know why I’m walking down memory lane – I wish that I could call each of you individually, but I would just end up in tears as I am now! I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is considered very aggressive and we will treat it to that effect. I have tests scheduled for tomorrow with more needles! Surgery is schedule for May (no date yet), then chemo and finally radiation treatments. We have a very good medical community and the doctors that will be treating me are some of the best or with the best in the field here. I thought I was all done running hurdles years ago, but I guess someone thought I needed to do it again! I look at each step as a hurdle and soon (6 months or so) I will cross the finish line!

I thank you and ask that you say a prayer not only for me, but all the other people this nasty cancer affects and their families and friends."

And her 39th birthday is Saturday. Makes my laptop problems and job loss 14 months hence seem rather insignificant now, doesn't it?

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