Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Almost Busted

So it looks like I need to be A LOT more careful about reading the Ex's email. Not sure how he was accessing it in the past and I was just going in via the web-based browser and reading to my heart's content. Yesterday I logged in and noticed a different icon - he replied to a message. Looks like he's now using the web-based browser, and I see what he sees - which means he sees what I see, so now I can't read a message unless he's read it first.

And guess what? He still hasn't bothered to even open the e-card I sent for his birthday on March 8. I could tell this a.m. that he went in and read a bunch of things that I had left alone, replied to another old message and still he has not opened the e-card.

And I know I shouldn't care but it does bother me. I don't care how bad a break-up was (and honestly, ours really wasn't that bad), you don't just ignore a message from an old flame. Especially not one you spent 15 years of your life with. I mean, when I heard my college ex's father had passed away, I took the time to send him a brief note. And I haven't seen or heard from him in over 15 years. You don't just write people off. And that's what pisses me off. He did. He's just pretending like I never existed and it makes me ANGRY to think that I wasted what may very well have been the best years of my life.

I'm not sure who I'm most upset with - me or him. But I'm upset dammit. And yet, now I feel just a tiny bit better for having gotten this off my chest. I can and I will move on. Onward and upward. Bigger and better. Add your own cliche here.

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