Sunday, March 21, 2004

Christmas Music

Why is it that everytime I fire up my music downloading software, someone tries to download "Do You Hear What I Hear" by Whitney Houston (from one of the "A Very Special Christmas" albums)? And every damn time, the connection is broken before the song can finish downloading. I'm sure it's an auto-retry thing, but honestly, if you've tried and tried and tried and still the damn thing won't download, wouldn't you just kill the request?

I also get a kick out of it when a song I've just downloaded is then downloaded from me. It's actually something of a pain because I like to get in, get what I want and get out. But since others have been kind enough to let me steal from them, I sort of feel an obligation to let the downloads finish. Luckily there is a nice feature that lets me say, let the current downloads finish and then exit - it cuts off future connections and when the current downloads are finished, the program exits. I love it when things work the way they should/ought to.

So the blind date was awright. Just awright. Nice enough guy, but I didn't feel any sparks. Part of me thinks he felt it too, but he wants to get together again sometime. I didn't say no, but I just don't see anything developing. I know it sounds like I'm being too quick to judge, but sometimes you just know, don't you?

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