Saturday, March 06, 2004

Coming Out of The Fog

The last 24 hours have been such a blur. Things were really crazy at work - rush, rush from one thing to the next and then hurry up and go to get my hair cut before turning back around and throwing myself into rush hour traffic to get back home in time to meet up with R and his friend Mike for a night out on the town. Susan came along for the ride and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

I went to high school with R, and he went to college with Mike. We've all been through a breakup within the past few years, and so we just got together and shared our sob stories. Mike was the big winner (loser) - marriage number two breaking up after he discovered she was having an affair. Apparently she accidentally sent a message meant for her lover to him by accident. Technology sucks. Hey - informal poll, how many of you found out about your lover's affair via email?

R has had an on again off again relationship and somehow they convinced themselves that if they bought a house out in the middle of nowhere and moved in together (again) things would be different. Not. We all saw that train wreck coming down the tracks, but even if we had said something, we couldn't have stopped it. Sometimes you just have to learn by doing. Life sucks that way.

Susan - two divorces and a recent break-up similar to mine - great physical relationship, but he wasn't the one for her. She's now sworn off men forever, so it was up to me to stroke Mike's ego (among other things). What can I say - I'm a giver.

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