Saturday, March 27, 2004


Went to the gym last night; was going to go this morning but it's cloudy and grey and I just didn't feel like it. Maybe after the dreaded bridal shower this afternoon.

Just downloaded Firefox - if both Frilly Panties and matt.fotter like it, I'll give it a shot. Next up? Maybe switching over to TypePad.

If I didn't know better, I'd think I had PMS all last week. Was pretty crabby and moody and tempermental.

I might be spending too much time online.

Got a work issued cell phone yesterday. Got my first wrong number/hang up before I could even activate the damn service. It has the most annoying (and loud!) ring tones. Best part about it is the wicked cool tip calculator.

The phone rang this morning, but of course it wasn't for me.

Funny - I politely asked for no comments on one post, and suddenly, no comments whatsoever! Part of me is sad (looking for props/reassurance even when I know I'm being bad) and part of me feels just a wee bit more free - I can say what I want without worrying that I'll offend someone. And really, the whole point should be moot anyway - uh, I'm using a pseudonym and this is supposedly anonymous. But how anonymous can you be, really? What about that whole six degrees thing? Supposedly I'm only two three degrees away - I know Phil, Phil when to high school with Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin was in a movie with Kevin Bacon.

I just hid my profile. As part of Thursday's pep talk, Phil told me I was in a rut and I just needed to find someone. I laughed and told him I'd already been on for two years and he started outlining what he thought I should be saying in my profile. Don't really want him to see/find it, so it's gone for now.

No worries re: Mike - I sent him a message telling him to ignore the earlier message and he said "forggetaboudit."

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