Thursday, March 11, 2004


I tried to resist and I was successful for nearly two years, but now I've been sucked in. I've started getting into the italian charm bracelet thing. Bought one when visiting my friend Sandie in Arizona two years ago and didn't really do much with it. Bought a few more charms when I visited again over the holidays and then it happened.

I found charms on E*Bay.

In January I did a little shopping and got a new starter bracelet which I gave to my friend Mary for her birthday along with two links - a little red purse and a red shoe. Mary is a bit of a shoe hound (she owns more CFMPs than I do - but she's about 8" shorter so she can handle the heels, I can't) and she gave me the cutest little red leather jewelry case shaped like a red purse for Christmas, so the red purse charm was perfect.

Just received my latest haul - nine new links including some nautical themed pieces (fish, dolphin, starfish) my birthstone (fake, of course), a red heart and a clunkyish red shoe. Got a pair of wedding bells which I will give to my future sister-in-law as soon as I can snag a new starter bracelet to link it too. Just placed a few bids including one on a red hot chili pepper for Sandie. She'll love it.

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