Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Hey, I'm checking with my financial advisor to see if she thinks it's worth buying Martha Stewart stock on the way down. I've got to think that it will bounce back, don't you? I'll let you know what I hear.

UPDATE: Well, the general word is ... you can if you want to, but it's not a really sound investment right now. Analysts say the actual value of the stock is somewhere around $7 so if it goes below that and you want to pick up some shares, fine, but don't expect it to be soaring anytime soon. Too many things that need to be worked out - and ultimately the company might be worth more in pieces anyway. Bottom line - I've only got about $1,000 in cash in my E*Trade account and by the time I pay trading fees, I might make a couple hundred bucks. Better to just give the cash to my financial advisor and let her invest it for me.

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