Sunday, March 14, 2004

No News

The Sunday paper never showed up today. I have no idea what's going on in the world. Worse yet, this means I don't have the coming week's television programming guide.

I'm trying to write up an interview I did last Wednesday, and it's just not coming out. Just poured myself a glass of wine and that's not helping either. Maybe if I opened a bottle of the Facoun Bleu I bought yesterday. Boss Man gave everyone a bottle of it for Christmas, and I mentioned it when I was in the wine store yesterday. My timing was impeccable. The salesman said he was looking get rid of the last few cases he had to make room for new stock. Normally $8.99/bottle, he sold a case to me for $6/bottle. Not bad. So now I have a whole case of this chardonnay. Time to have a party!

I'm still thinking about having a party. Go through my list of favorites and invite all the guys who appeal to me. If they show up, great. If not, their loss. And of course I'd have my best girl friends there to help me work the crowd - Susan, Mary, Vicki, Cindy and Michelle. Then again, maybe I'll just invite the girl friends over. I keep going back and forth about this whole relationship thing.

If I'm honest with myself, I'm not really looking for one. Would it be nice to have someone special in my life? Someone who was interested in what I was doing, how I was feeling? Someone who would rub my feet and run his fingers through my hair? Sure, that would be nice. But the things that are really important to me, the things I was missing in my marriage and in my most recent relationship, I get those things from my girlfriends.

Like yesterday, when Susan and I went out to dinner. I'm still recovering from the divorce, you don't get over it quickly even if you were the one who initiated the break-up. I was telling her that the Ex hasn't even read the e-card I sent him for his birthday yet and she asked (as I knew she would) "Does it matter? Do you care?" And the answer is no. But only a really good true friend will do that for you - ask you the hard questions.

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