Friday, March 05, 2004

More on Krispy Kreme

Ripped word for word from an email message sent to me by my friend R:

In response to a recent taste-test done by the Albany Times-Union in which
Krispy Kreme soundly defeated Dunkin' Donuts (and others), we decided to
conduct our own government-funded donut taste test. Those of us who have
had KK in the past could not believe the results.

Our esteemed panel, consisting of two web application programmers, two web
mistresses, and two web content development specialists, judged the fried
cakes on several categories: appearance, aroma, size, taste, texture, and
oiliness. We tasted each company's plain, unglazed variety, thinking that
if you can't get that right, you shouldn't be in the doughnut business.

Without receiving advertising dollars from either company, and unswayed by
the sirens depicted on the KrispyKreme calendar recently making the rounds
on email, we are happy to report that in a no-holes-barred, Texas steel
thermos match, Dunkin' Donuts spanked Krispy Kreme extremely hard, in every
category. (We threw out the results for the oiliness, since only one
panelist did not rate them as equal, and we were all in disagreement as to
whether oiliness was a good thing or a bad thing.)

So, according to the Internet Services Office of the New York State
Department of Motor Vehicles, Dunkin' Donuts is the undisputed King of
mass-produced, chain-store doughnuts.

But Krispy Kreme has a better web site.

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