Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Are you trying to tell me something??

Just when I thought I would never get through to him, Phil responds to the new songs and asks if I'm trying to tell him something. Since this is a conversation that obviously can't be had over email, but which will also never be had in person, I responded the only way I knew how - by letting him choose his own answer from the following:

a - What was your first clue?
b - Who, me?
c - What, a girl can't share a new artist without being accused of trying to send a message?
d - None of the above
f - All of the above

Says Phil "I'll go with 'E'..."

Damn. I knew I should have stopped at "d"

Shit - I just realized. I uncharacteristically had a typo - what you see above is what I sent. I skipped over "e" and went from "d" to "f" - that fucker is still avoiding the issue. Why do I keep pursuing emotionally unavailable men?

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