Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Now I'm Just Annoyed

So I had lunch with B last week. Ostensibly so he could thank me for coming to his retirement dinner. In reality the old geezer just wanted to be seen with a pretty young thing. (Bear in mind, he has a daughter who is nearly my age.) He says he and his wife have pretty much decided to go their separate ways and she may even be moving out shortly. They've been staying together for the kids, but now that the youngest is finishing up her junior year in high school and B has retired, well, they just don't feel the need to carry on the pretense anymore.

So on Friday B emails me and wants to know when we can go to lunch again. I was so crazed on Friday that I didn't respond and I was out of the office yesterday. Today he sends me one of those chain emails (if you were a dessert, what kind of dessert would you be?) and I quickly scanned it. And then I notice - he put a damn return receipt on it so he would know that I received and read the message!

That just kinda pissed me off.

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