Friday, March 12, 2004

Wasting Time

It's so damn easy to do. Just keep switching back and forth between the open programs on your computer. Reorganize the pile on your desk - not actually doing anything with it, mind you, just reorganizing it.

Sometimes I start the day by saying "if I just get this one thing done today, I will feel like I accomplished something." And often I do. But then there are 16 other things that I didn't get to, or items that I forgot about or new expectations and then it all just seems to be for naught.

Do you think that I can be affected by other people's moods via the internet? Because now that I think of it, there is a general feeling of malaise among my cyber buddies out there today. We're bloated, lonely, uneasy and unproductive. Having trouble finding a good reason to drag our asses out of bed in the morning - even though it is Friday, and the weekend is coming up. But what of that? What will we do this weekend? How will we feel come Sunday night? Refreshed and ready for the work week? Or depressed and dreading the next five days?

I gotta stop - I'm bringing myself down.

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