Monday, March 29, 2004


I'm trying to regulate/modulate myself, and despite the fact that this post will belie that notion, I'm doing pretty well. I've actually checked three things off my "to-do" list today and I'm reasonably confident that I'll get to everything before the day is done. I might even add a few more things. I really should have been a factory worker. I'm so task oriented - give me something to do and a time frame to do it in and I'm happy as a pig in shit. Give me nebulous goals and no specific deadlines, and I'll still be working on it in the next millenium.

Yes, I'm doing pretty well today if I do say so myself - haven't hacked the Ex's email and haven't even had to fight the urge. I got better ways to waste my time! Okay, self-congratulatory break time over. I hereby pledge not to post until after 4:00. After all, I gotta wean myself gradually. Going cold turkey would just be - what's the word for inflicting self-torture? That's what it would be.

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