Monday, March 08, 2004

It's A Small World

Some days I don't know which parallel universe I'm in. I'm living at least two lives and somehow they keep crossing over - or at least it feels like they do. Witness:

A) Friday was a blur because I was actually trying to get something done by a deadline while simultaneously emailing R, Susan, Phil, the Z-man and various others in an attempt to get together a group for what I referred to as a mini pub-crawl.

B) I was putting off answering a email because as it turns out, the guy I was corresponding with knows my boss.

On Saturday I finally responded to the email and simply said that I hadn't responded earlier because I was just too busy and that I had gone out with a few friends Friday night. So how is it that guy uses the exact same expression i.e. pub-crawl in his reply to me? I'm pretty sure I kept one separate from the other ...

And over the weekend I meet Mike whose marriage was ended by his wife accidentally sending email meant for her lover to him. Today, I check my stats and what do I see? Someone found my blog by entering this search in google:


Too freaky! I'm telling you, email is going to single handedly destroy what was left of the sanctity of marriage. Here's a site that explores those dangers:

Reminds me of a Yahoo! group I stumbled upon when I was in the midst of my marriage turmoil. "Regular People Having An Affair" It was a place where all of us adulterers would go and share our stories - the highs of the noontime trysts, the close calls, the duplicity, the lies, the agony and the ecstasy. Then, one day, it was gone. The group owner said her spouse was getting too close, maybe had stumbled on the group and she had to pull the plug. Poof! It was gone. I miss those regular people. I wonder how "Mountain Breeze" and "Coffee Breath" are doing.

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