Saturday, March 20, 2004

It Was A Dark and Dreary ...

... day. Didn't start out so bad. Well, yeah, it did. Woke up with a headache so the first thing I consumed was a handful (okay, three) of ibuprofen. Crawled back into bed and closed my eyes for 45 minutes until the pain went away. And since I was still awake, I decided to just haul my ass to the gym. Was there by 7:30 and emerged two hours (!) later, sweaty, stinky and feeling great. Washed (okay, rinsed off) the trucklet and came home. Showered and got dressed and off to run my errands.

Kohl's was having a great sale and I didn't buy enough when I was there last night so I went back and shopped some more today. They had these great oversized down filled throw blankets - original price $39.99. I paid $5.92. Bought four total - two are for a bridal shower I have to go to (you know - the one who is about to be married in my office). She's going to think I am so generous. Really, the only reason I'm now going to the shower is I found these great gifts cheap. I'll probably spend more on something to wrap/carry the damn things in than I spent on the actual gift.

It was beginning to rain as I left the shopping district and I was hungry but rather than eat some awful fast food and ruin my great workout buzz, I came home and had some of that crab salad. And then I snoozed on the sofa covered by my new oversized down throw blanket. Life is good.

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