Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bouncing Back

Took a handful (okay, 3 or 4) of ibuprofen, fixed myself a cup of tea and pretty soon all was right in the world. Actually stayed up until 11:00 p.m. watching a made for TV movie with Craig T. Wilson and John Corbett. Good night's sleep and a slow morning. Read the paper, fixed myself some eggs over easy (loving wiping up the yolk with my toast) and watched a few eps of "90210" When I could procrastinate no longer I went outside where I proceeded to do yard work non-stop for the next four hours!

Cleaned up and headed downtown with the unemployed boy next door. Wandered the streets and then settled into the outdoor cafe where we had a late lunch of salsa & chips along with a lobster roll. When we came back we polished off a bottle of cheap red wine and got acquainted with the couple that just moved in below the UBND (unemployed boy next door). Now just checking my mail and messages and deciding not to send my resume in for any of the jobs that have been sent to me courtesy of and

Maybe I'll go read a book. Or watch TV. I'm guessing I'll be asleep by 9:00.

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