Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Strange But True

Walked downtown with Phil so I could mail that Swiffer to Mom and he told me that he has hired an attorney to represent him in his impending divorce proceedings. My attorney. Yes, he hired the same person who represented me in my divorce! He never asked me who I used, and so I never mentioned the name, but apparently his couples counselor recommended this person. And she told him exactly what I had told him - don't you dare leave the house.

Phil's wife claims she doesn't want the house, but she wanted him to move out ("to ease the tension and stress") while she figured out what she was going to do. He had initially agreed to consider it, but I asked him, what if you move out and she suddenly decides she wants the house? Good thing he got an attorney. And can you believe his wife was pissed? She hired an attorney over a month ago and now she's pissed because he has someone representing his interests.

Sucks when a marriage falls apart.

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