Wednesday, May 26, 2004


... two hour nap yesterday afternoon. Can't say that I was 'refreshed' afterwards, but I did drag myself to the gym and had significantly more energy afterwards. Slept pretty well last night, but it's another grey gloomy day here in Upstate NY, so the mood is not significantly enhanced.

... after telling John that he could just keep the two sofas he's been storing for me for the last two years, he's now decided that they won't "go" with his new decor. And he's moving TOMMORROW. At least he offered to drop them off for me. Trying to see if my friend J can store them in her basement; if not, then they will be on the porch temporarily until I can sell them. Because if J can't store them for me, I have no room at my house and there is no sense in keeping them.

... my mother says that the guy at the gas station told my father that gas would be close to $3/gallon by July. Ouch.

... the Ex called last night. A mutual friend is throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for his wife this weekend, and it looks like we'll both be there. Shouldn't be a problem - there will be over 100 people there. It's not like I'll be there with a date - and even though I didn't ask and he didn't tell, I know he won't have a date either. Just kind of an unspoken agreement, I guess. The woman that he has "sort of" been seeing must be used to it by now.

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