Friday, May 21, 2004


... feels like it's going to be a slow day; overcast and somewhat dreary but warm enough to walk to work without a jacket
... cinnamon plum tea wasn't too bad, but I liked the raspberry better
... not only can't I find that $196 check sent to me by friend Mike to reimburse me for the Sting tickets I purchased for him, but I just realized that I forgot to record an $8,000 deposit made on behalf of professional association for which I am treasurer. Oops. Maybe I should be taking that Gingko Biloba after all.

... more later, I'm sure ...

... according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, eleven states are still being monitored because they have not fully met requirements for desegregation (50 years after Brown v. Board of Education, mind you). Why am I not surprised that Texas and Florida are two of those eleven states?

... why are teenagers overrunning my favorite corner deli? I purposely went to lunch late hoping that the place would be empty and instead - teenagers everywhere!

... I like seeing new growth on shrubs. The new growth is bright green and it gives the whole bush this glow in the dark kind of look.

... and to top it all off ...

... my afternoon snack (Kashi cereal eaten dry like granola)is stale, but I ate it anyway. I really should just leave now and go to happy hour ...

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