Monday, May 24, 2004

Piece of Cake

What was I so afraid of? Not blogging didn't hurt. (That's a double negative, isn't it?) But it did underscore what I already knew - I don't accomplish very much in a given day. Even when I'm specifically focusing on cranking through my to-do list, the number of items I am able to check off is embarrassingly few. Part of the problem is that I'm easily distracted.

What, the local business journal? Haven't seen that in a while - let's take a look see.

Yes, I see that the open house is coming up on June 17 - let me put that on my calendar. Oh - what's this? It's JB's birthday on the 15th; I'd better schedule an e-card now before I forget.

I don't have the work number for that woman in Buffalo; let me look on the internet. Oh, that page is out of date, I'd better tell someone.

What's this prospect report? Oh, I meant to send her a follow up letter. Better do that before I forget and then file the report so I don't lose track of it...

So while I do get things done, often it's not what I had planned to do. And if there is a deadline, I usually manage to meet it. I know I'm supposed to be self-motivated here, but it really does help if someone tells me when and how it's needed, otherwise I'll allow myself to get distracted.

Can you believe it? The sun is out and there isn't a cloud in the sky. That's a 180 degree change from this morning. If I had a weather pixie she'd be doing a little happy dance in her bikini.

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