Thursday, May 20, 2004

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

So I'm happy that I'm not going to have to go on blood pressure medication (yet) and I'm trying to do everything I can to avoid it for a long time. Still, the doctor is a little stumped as to why my blood pressure is elevated. I don't smoke, and even though I am a solid 160 pounds, at 5' 8" I'm not overweight. My diet doesn't include a lot of processed meat or other sodium laden foods, so why the elevated blood pressure?

The only thing that rang a bell for me was cheese. I do like my extra sharp cheese as well as my pepper jack. Almost always have it on my salad. And I just bought a tub of feta the other night. I'll try to cut back on the cheese and continue the exercise. And maybe get back in the habit of using to keep track of my eating, exercise and moods.

I'm doing okay today. Avoided the leftover birthday cupcakes this morning (one step forward) but succumbed to the meal deal at Subway and ate that entire bag (2.5 servings and probably loaded with sodium) of Fritos with my six inch BMT (one step back). The cupcakes are still out there, calling to me:

"Kenna, you know you want me. Come on, lick me, eat me - love me!"

Have avoided their siren song. Another step forward.

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