Thursday, May 13, 2004


... still getting a shitload of hits based on the Olsen twin break-up. I can't even keep straight who broke up with who. Was it Mary Kate breaking up with Matt Olsen? And Ashley is now dating David Katzenberg? Whatever. If I cared I would add some links to other pages that actually have information on this, but I don't so ...

... woke up early as I often do when needing to get up at a specific time. Car is all packed. Remembered my sunglasses. Got some comfy clothes to relax and drive home in.

... the Ex has been in contact. We still share a BJs membership and I was just going to cancel his card and cut him off but I decided to take the higher road and asked if he wanted to continue to share the membership. He actually said he has a discounted membership at his new employer and did I want to share that with him. Go figure. Maybe it actually pays to be nice.

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