Saturday, May 08, 2004

Focusing On My Accomplishments

Got up early, went to the gym and then hit Wal-Mart before the hordes. Picked up some brick patterned pavers and then went to the nursery and got a dozen New Guinea impatiens, two Morning Glories and two mini bleeding hearts. Toyed around on the computer for awhile and then went out to repair my brick wall. Following that I filled a garbage can with weeds. I wanted to transplant some ferns and replant my gladiolus, but you know what? I was tired and hungry.

Came in, flipped through the channels and landed on Lifetime which is playing a movie with Kristy McNichol and Rue McClanahan. Plus some hunky guy with longish hair who plays a carpenter/handyman.

Brian - it's you, isn't it?

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