Monday, May 03, 2004

Long, Strange Trip

Wow, I've been on the road for like, forever. Was in NYC on Thursday, drove to western NY on Friday, spent Friday night and weekend in the Southern Tier, and eventually wound my way back here last night around 8:00.

In the three days that I was gone, my tulips bloomed and blew out - I didn't even get to see them! The yellow season has started - maple trees dropping these little yellow buds everywhere. My lawn is filled with maple seedlings from the winged seeds that were sent flying last fall. I raked several times, but they still managed to burrow in and implant themselves.

I have one pair of clean underwear left in the drawer - looks like I need to do laundry tonight! Or maybe I did some laundry and just never pulled the clothes out of the dryer? Much like I ran the dishwasher but haven't emptied it yet?

Talked with several trusted advisors over the weekend, and realized that I don't need to rush into 'hiring' a career consultant just yet. I have a job for the next year, and I can take that time to do my own self-examination and analysis. I don't need to panic yet - if it gets to be this time next year and I still don't have a new job, then maybe I'll hire a consultant to market me. In the meantime, I can do it myself.

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