Monday, May 31, 2004

Tired, But Satisfied

Did a lot of yard work yesterday and today. I'm tired, but happy with what I accomplished. Still more to do, but it's looking great. Am in the process of preparing "Ladies Day" invitations. A mostly annual event where I take the last Friday of June off and just hang with my girlfriends. It started out seven years ago when I was still married and with boat. We just went out on the lake and hung out. Didn't get rained on once. By some strange twist of fate, we ran into a boatload of guys who were doing a similar boys day thing. As luck would have it, we ran into them the next year ... and the next. Now we just send them an invite too to make sure we have our days straight. Most of them are married, but it's just one day of harmless flirting.

Is it just me, or does your cursor sometimes skip around with this new interface?

Bad news from home. A good friend of my parents passed away on Sat. Died in his sleep. Mom was upset - I think it scared her because she's afraid of that happening to her. Waking up and finding that my dad has passed away. Reminded me that I need to be sure to pass out emergency numbers to everyone. My friend Susan has agreed to be my emergency contact. If something happens at home, I want them to call Susan and have her tell me or be with me when the call comes. I'm four hours away from my family and I don't want to get a call and be alone. Similarly, if something happens to me, I want the authorities or whoever to contact Susan first, and then she'll contact my family.

Okay, the invites have finished printing - time to embellish with stickers!

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