Friday, May 07, 2004

What Happened?

Yesterday I noticed that gas prices had spiked to $2 gallon. I swear I only paid $1.85 over the weekend, and as I was driving to the gym (yeah, I know the irony but my gym is seven miles away) I saw that prices at the Mobil station were $2.01. Yet when I crossed the city line, it was only $1.91 at the local quick-mart and $1.93 at the Mobil station in the next town over. By the time I left the gym, the Mobil station's prices had jumped to $1.99.

What's the deal? I know they've been warning us for the longest time to expect higher prices this summer, but why? I don't believe that the supply has been diminished. It's just greed. The oil and gas companies know that demand will be up during the summer months, and so they are just gouging us because they can. Grrrrrr.

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