Monday, May 17, 2004

Silver Lining

After I created that post yesterday I continued my stroll, got some lunch and went to the bank. As I walked back on the other side of the street I contemplated treating myself to some ice cream, but walked into the bookstore instead. I came out and as I crossed the street who should pull up to the intersection but Phil - in his convertible. I hopped in and off we went for ice cream - in a small town 20 miles away. My hair was totally knotted, but it was worth it. The drive, the conversation, the ice cream. Perfect way to complete my recovery.

Came home and found a message from the unemployed boy next door - he was hoping I could accompany him for a burger and a brew, but he had already left. So I pulled out the lawnmower and fired it up to plow down my 6-8" of growth. Boy, there is nothing like a freshly cut lawn to cheer you up. It was almost 8:00 by the time I went in the house. Slept fairly well but woke up a couple times during the night.

Much to do in the next five hours before I'm off on a 300 mile round trip for dinner. Hey, at least I get a free dinner, right?

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