Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Cleaning Out the Clutter In My Life

I've slowly but surely been picking things up around the house. I have all the indoor Christmas decorations put away, and other than the desk and chair, things are clean in the spare bedroom (it will be ready for you by the 16th, Michelle, I promise). And now I'm doing a little cleaning here at work. Witness what I am throwing in the garbage:

* the cute little Suzy's zoo cards from Current with messages like "Go For it!" "You Did it! (I knew you could!)" "Just Wanted to say "HI!" They aren't greeting cards, they are just little inspirational cards you can enclose inside a greeting card. I'm not a manager anymore, I don't supervise anyone. They are history. (Unless you want them Jenica? - see, it's harder than you can imagine to just throw these things away!)

* that stupid little "page up" thing that the big boss gave everyone for Christmas. He ordered one box of 12 (babies - he didn't even get the standard size!) and then went around and allowed each of us to pick our favorite color. Whoopee. At least my immediate supervisor had a bit more class - he ordered a case of his new favorite wine and gave us each a full bottle.

* yesterday's tea bag.

* extra copies of a Feb 1 news release

* more to come.

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